• Eric Kowalewski posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    I’ve been learning a lot about the school district and the community over the last year. Meeting with parents, teachers and principals sharing what I know about God and how He created parents as His plan for raising and educating kids. Being a computer/data scientist, I’m all about proof, evidence, logic, reason and order. It is simply impossible (not improbable, but IMPOSSIBLE) to have an ordered universe without a loving Creator (JESUS). My message has resonated well with everyone I’ve met with except Matt. In my study I have estimated (aka a guess) that there are 6-10 liberal teachers pulling the strings for our kids. Matt and the board are running the business of the school and are not “deliberately” indoctrinating our kids, they are just too busy to deal with curriculum and are allowing it to happen. Matt is egotistical, arrogant and a dictator. I meet with him all the time. The Bible says “Love your enemies”. Traci has a good heart and loves the Lord. Matt, Traci and the other principals are not able to watch the liberal teachers who pull unapproved information from the Internet and indoctrinate our kids. I have proof of this. Train your kids to look for false information such as big bang, evolution,climate change, furries, crt, fake news, etc. My daughters can help your kids with this. I feel the principals are just overpowered by the evils in the school. Their jobs are tough. I am on a mission to get more American values and Civics taught to our kids. My daughter Amelia inspired me on this. Also, I have worked my way onto the the sex ed committee. We meet on 4-27 and I am supposed to be getting the agenda next week.

    I have no desire to make a name for myself and I do not ever want to run for any political office. I do everything for the glory of God Almighty. I would encourage every parent and tax payer to get involved in the schools or politics. If anyone wants any information from me feel free to call or text 989-239-0446. I have noting to hide and you can give that number to anyone on the planet.