• Eric Kowalewski posted an update 6 months ago

    Just an update in regards to the health class at the high school. The principal “Traci Smith” told me this:

    “This was originally approved through our Sex Ed Advisory committee, which is made up of health professionals, students, staff, parents, and local clergy.”

    The local clergy was the priest at St. Agnes and was quick to tell me that he vaguely remembers the meeting. I believe he was new at the time and was just cleaning up loose ends from the bad priest. He also said he was going to call Traci and get off that committee. He’s too busy. He told me the official position of his church was based on the absolute Authority of the Word of God aka the Bible; Homosexuality is indeed a sin, but is not a sin until “acted upon” (whatever that is defined as). St. Agnes teaches to hate the sin, but love the sinner. He agreed that there are two genders as mentioned in Genesis chapter 1, 2 and throughout the Bible. He was very nice and I invited him to view our website, facebook page and attend our meetings.

    I will continue my investigation and interview the members of the committee one by one until someone takes responsibility for the filth in the health class. If no one does I will call the results null and void. We will replace the committee and make our own health class.

    Parents, we may disagree on some things, but we all agree that they work for us and we want our parental rights respected and observed. I will continue to fight this until God takes me home.