• Eric Kowalewski posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Apparently someone complained about the big sign in my yard. I got a letter from a Kim Reese at the township office. From my interactions with him it seems that he is a grumpy old man. He claims my sign is new and that it is 48sqtft. How does he know that? Did he trespass on my property? I say the sign is about 40 years old. I just change the words from time to time. Kasper Clock, Trump, John James, garage sale, etc… He wants me to get a permit. The temporary sign is $15 bucks. I figure from 40 years ago to 1/1/2065 is what I identify as temporary. I don’t feel I should have to pay them $50 it’s not new. I don’t feel I shold have to pay at all. I’m grandfathered in. Heck, I may just remove it, put it in my 6’x12′ covered trailer and park it on my front lawn. What does everyone think? Is it worth the fight? I don’t remember seeing a “Kim Reese” on a ballot. I guess that makes him another un-elected bureaucrat.


    • Sounds like a bunch of us need to attend the next Twp board meeting