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    Eric G

    Ideas for public comment at the school board meeting.

    Eric Kowalewski

    From the board members I’ve spoken with, the mental health of the students is a big talking point. Do they really care or is it just a political taking point? Only God knows the heart. My thought has always been that we need to point back to Biblical values. What can that hurt? The Freeland Schools teach that evolution is a fact. Yes you read that correctly and I have proof. We don’t want our kids acting like monkeys, but we tell them they came from them. Even worse we teach them that there is no purpose to their life. We teach them that they are the result of random chance processes over millions of years. We should be teaching them about the hope and love of Jesus Christ. What can that hurt?

    Eric G

    – Current SCHD Covid data
    – No Mandates (liberty trumps perceived safety)
    – Social and political propaganda materials in hallways and classrooms
    – Share stories of radical ideas being brought into the classrooms
    – Push back on gender ideology in the schools – asking kids their preferred pronouns
    – Clubs based on biased social or political ideology – do they belong in school?
    – Policies that should be changed – Example: Kids being punished and not allowed to walk at graduation if they opt-out of state testing
    – Radical curriculum like Critical Race Theory, white privilege, 1619 project, etc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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