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    Hi everyone as a concerned parent I just want to relay what I witnessed this morning taking my high schooler to school this morning. There was a bus picking up students that meet on Washington by the old Post Office the bus clearly had the red flashers on and the Stop sign out and several cards going towards the high school did not stop. The bus was facing toward the opposite direction however this is not a split highway or road there is not even a turn lane at this part on Washington. With all the extra hours and drive time how is it that we are not teaching that you stop and wait for a bus. I did have my daughter take a picture of the car directly in front of us that if saw run through the bus stop lights. Please let’s remind our kids it is a stop if the bus has its flashers on.

    Eric G

    I’m surprised that busses don’t have outside cameras / dash cams to document any law breaking.

    Eric Kowalewski

    There is a woman who works in Bay City for MDOT named Michelle Eno. I have a call into her and I’m waiting for a callback.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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