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We, Freeland Parents Stand Up, are a local group who are part of a nationwide “Stand Up” movement to raise awareness of public education and education policy while being a powerful voice for our children.

We are concerned parents and citizens of the Freeland community that are determined to ensure ALL decisions regarding our children mirror the values of our smalltown American community. Our goal is to make certain that our children’s health and safety, while participating in school activities, the curriculum used to educate our children, and the policies and rules used by Freeland Community School District (FCSD) are all approved exclusively by the parents and citizens of the Freeland community. We want each of our students to receive a high-quality, relevant education. It is our mission to preserve the FCSD education system run by our community and for the FCSD to reject all outside influences that do not reflect and represent the ethics and beliefs of the majority of Freeland families.

Currently, we are fighting to keep Critical Race Theory (referred to as CRT also disguised under such terms as Diversity & Inclusion, Equity, Social Justice, white privilege, etc.) which is a radical set of standards being inserted into curriculum by outside forces, out of our schools. We will always fight against this type of racist propaganda.

We also are fighting against draconian COVID mandates for masking, vaccines, testing and quarantines. To date, not a single young person under 20 years old has died from COVID in Saginaw County. The data just does not support mandates. We are not against COVID recommendations. We fully support a person’s right to voluntarily wear a mask, get a vaccine, get tested or quarantine.

Freeland Parents Stand Up is growing fast. Parents and citizens are banding together saying enough is enough. When we hear about unwanted policies or destructive radical curriculum at FCSD, the school board and school administrators will be confronted to change direction. Nothing is permanent but action is needed to make change happen. We are stronger together. If we don’t take a stand now, things will continue to get worse. Our children’s futures are depending on the decisions we make today.

Please consider supporting and/or joining our group to be a voice for our children. We hold regular meetings to discuss issues facing our students and to develop action plans to confront and correct those issues. Feel free to email us, follow us on Facebook and share this website.

Freeland Parents Stand Up